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Meditation in Three minutes: Four ways to get the most out of it

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Meditation is an ancient method used by individuals to get in touch with their higher selves, to improve longevity and overall health, and to live peaceful, love-filled lives. Meditation reduces stress, a major factor in most serious illnesses and diseases and is an aerobic activity good for your heart. It has positive effects in all aspects of your life such as in work, relationships, health and energy levels.

By now, everyone’s heard the hype but it’s still a difficult habit for people to incorporate into their lives. Understandably so: who has time to sit down and think about nothing? School, work, cooking, commuting, kids, phone calls- all of these things are constantly demanding our attention!

We must remember, however, that we cannot let life get in the way of living.

Meditation is hard, yes, but the benefits are wonderful and uplifting and you will feel more like yourself that ever before. And it doesn’t take much.

  1. Start with 3 minutes: Try it. You have three minutes, you can’t deny that. Set a timer on your phone, sit in a quiet place and dedicate three minutes to silence. Commit to this for a week. I guarantee you will honk at people less, feel more relaxed in your neck and back and have more patience to deal with the little unexpected things that come up in life.
  2. Focus on the point between your eyebrows: Everyone’s mind wanders and I guarantee that yours will stray also, but don’t let this discourage you. To help with this, pay attention to where your gaze is; you’ll probably notice that your eyes have wandered, so gently bring them back to that point to re-focus.
  3. Have a mantra: Positive affirmations work exceptionally well in calming your mind and help you to concentrate. They also generate good energy in your life and promote favorable interactions throughout your day. Something like, ‘I am calm, I am healthy I am happy,’ is a good place to start. If you feel tense focus on relaxation, if you feel irritable focus on acceptance. Listen to yourself and see what you need to let go of, then develop a mantra to elicit positive feelings.
  4. Lengthen your breath: While breathing in say your mantra once, feel the air going down your lungs and reaching your stomach. As you exhale say your mantra twice, let the air slowly rise out from your stomach up your chest and out of your nose. Don’t hold your breath, however, as the discomfort will be most distracting. Simply watch your breath and let it slow down gently.

Meditation creates a unique mindfulness that cannot exist otherwise. It is a way of appreciating and caring for yourself. It may sound kooky now, but give it a week and you’ll be a believer. Set a goal. Start with three minutes, then bump it up to five, ten, fifteen. By committing to meditating every day your positive action will be rewarded. Even if you find it difficult or frustrating, no meditation passes in vain. It is the one risk-free, results-guaranteed technique everyone can practice to receive more joy and vibrance. Three minutes to close your eyes can open your life in so many beautiful, abundant ways. 




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